Customers service has more than 13 years experience in providing custom synthesis in our laboratories. We work diligently to make every possible chemical to meet the needs of our customers. What this means is that you can purchase many other products than the ones you found on our website. We will create custom-made products for you. The new product will satisfy your requirements.
In our laboratories, we are able to carry out different types of synthesis which includes multistage synthesis. This allows us to develop more complex solutions for your needs. All you need to do if you need custom synthesis is to provide us with the parameters you require including CAS number, IUPAC name, and quantity of the product. We will then develop the proper synthesis program, complete all necessary research and synthesis the product with the required properties.
We call this world-class service and are happy to provide it to our customers. You also can choosing for custom synthesis you will receive:

100% result100% effectivenessFlexible methods that ensure desired targetReliable partner that meets your expectationsKnowledgeable, skilled and experienced personnelThe best prices on the marketAnalytic documents and record papers for each itemHigh quality products that comply with international standards


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