We have tryps, phens, cathins, incense’s additives and some newbies and so much more letters and numbers mixed together in the line up, that there is just not enough space and time to fill in this site.  
Our web shop is up and running:


 – Some of our products are already available from our US. stock for competitive price! -Please contact us through this email in order to share with us your wholesale request:
cwrescshop@protonmail.com    if you have any question, or issue regarding our web shop:
Products are intended for laboratory research purposes only and are not to be used for any other purposes!                                                                                                                                                                                 Cheers CwResC Team, Be aware!                                                                                                                                 

All request require:1) WHAT IS YOUR COUNTRY? (in order to let you know what’s available to that region)
2) desired product(s) and quantity 
3) a detailed intended use statement in compliance with terms of service. (which we take very seriously)
note: we reserve the right to refuse any request. Suspicion of intended misuse will result permanent banning.

terms of service:
By contacting us and with any request or placing an order you agree to the following:
-you represent and warrant that, you are older than, 18 years and of legal age in your jurisdiction which is required to form a binding contract!
-you will follow all legal, state, and federal regulations regarding proper use and handling of our products!
– you warrant that, our product(s) will not be used for human consumption or redistributed for human consumption, because you are solely responsible for all legal consequences of any misuse! 
-you agree to free seller, associated business, and employees of any liability for loss, legal issues, or expenses arising from purchase or application of our products as a result of violation or terms of service.

Thanks,  CwResC Team:                                                                                    hofmanns@protonmail.com


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