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> cannabinoids

5FMDMB2201 1kg 1500USD

5FMDMB2201 500g 1050USD

5FMDMB2201 250g 800USD

5FMDMB2201 100g 450USD

5FMDMB2201 10g 140USD

4F-ADB 1kg 1500USD

4F-ADB 500g 1050USD

4F-ADB 250g 800USD

4F-ADB 100g 450USD

4F-ADB 10g 150USD

MMB2201 1kg 1400USD

MMB2201 500g 1000USD

MMB2201 250g 750USD

MMB2201 100g 450USD

MMB2201 10g 140USD

5CABK48 1kg 1400USD

5CABK48 500g 1000USD

5CABK48 250g 750USD

5CABK48 100g 450USD

5CABK48 10g 138USD

MMBFUB 1kg 1350USD

MMBFUB 500g 1000USD

MMBFUB 250g 760USD

MMBFUB 100g 450USD


FUB-2201 1kg 1450USD

FUB-2201 500g 1150USD

FUB-2201 250g 800USD

FUB-2201 100g 450USD

FUB-2201 10g 150USD

5CABP 1kg 1400USD

5CABP 500g 1100USD

5CABP 250g 800USD

5CABP 100g 450USD

5CABP 10g 150USD

MMB022 1kg 1500USD

MMB022 500g 1100USD

MMB022 250g 800USD

MMB022 100g 450USD

MMB022 10g 150USD

MDMB2201 1kg 1500USD

MDMB2201 500g 1100USD

MDMB2201 250g 800USD

MDMB2201 100g 450USD

MDMB2201 10g 150USD

5-CL-ADB-A 1kg 1500USD

5-CL-ADB-A 500g 1100USD

5-CL-ADB-A 250g 800USD

5-CL-ADB-A 100g 450USD

5-CL-ADB-A 10g 150USD

MPHP-2201 1kg 1400USD

MPHP-2201 500g 1000USD

MPHP-2201 250g 800USD

MPHP-2201 100g 450USD

MPHP-2201 10g 150USD






FUB-EMB 1kg 1500USD

FUB-EMB 500g 1000USD

FUB-EMB 250g 750USD

FUB-EMB 100g 450USD

FUB-EMB 10g 140USD

4bb22 1kg 1500USD

4bb22 500g 1100USD

4bb22 250g 800USD

4bb22 100g 450USD

4bb22 10g 150USD


4CPRC 1kg 1400USD

4CPRC 500g 1100USD

4CPRC 250g 700USD

4CPRC 100g 450USD

4CPRC 10g 130USD

4CDC 1kg 1200USD

4CDC 500g 850USD

4CDC 250g 600USD

4CDC 100g 380USD

4CDC 10g 130USD

BMDP 1kg 1200USD

BMDP 500g 850USD

BMDP 250g 600USD

BMDP 100g 380USD

BMDP 100g 130USD

MDPT 1kg 1200USD

MDPT 500g 850USD

MDPT 250g 600USD

MDPT 100g 400USD

MDPT 10g 380USD

Eutylone crystal 1kg 1300USD

Eutylone crystal 500g 850USD

Eutylone crystal 250g 600USD

Eutylone crystal 100g 450USD

Eutylone crystal 10g 150USD

EBK crystal 1kg 1300USD

EBK crystal 500g 900USD

EBK crystal 250g 750USD

EBK crystal 100g 450USD

EBK crystal 10g 130USD

BEK crystal 1kg 1300USD

BEK crystal 500g 900USD

BEK crystal 250g 750USD

BEK crystal 100g 450USD

BEK crystal 10g 150USD

NDH crystal 1kg 1300USD

NDH crystal 500g 900USD

NDH crystal 250g 750USD

NDH crystal 100g 450USD

NDH crystal 10g 140USD

MDPEP 1kg 1300USD

MDPEP 500g 900USD

MDPEP 250g 700USD

MDPEP 100g 450USD

MDPEP 10g 150USD

BK-BBDP crystal 1kg 1300USD

BK-BBDP crystal 500g 900USD

BK-BBDP crystal 250g 650USD

BK-BBDP crystal 100g 400USD

BK-BBDP crystal 10g 135USD

NEW PV 1kg 1300USD

NEW PV 500g 1000USD

NEW PV 250g 750USD

NEW PV 100g 450USD

NEW PV 10g 130USD

NEP 1kg 1300USD

NEP 500g 900USD

NEP 250g 650USD

NEP 100g 450USD

NEP 10g 150USD

HEP 1kg 1400USD

HEP 500g 1000USD

HEP 250g 850USD

HEP 100g 450USD

HEP 10g 140USD

3FPM 1kg 4500USD

3FPM 500g 2500USD

3FPM 250g 1500USD

3FPM 100g 800USD

3FPM 10g 200USD

2FDCK crystal 1kg 6800USD

2FDCK crystal 500g 3500USD

2FDCK crystal 250g 1900USD

2FDCK crystal 100g 1000USD

2FDCK crystal 50g 600USD

2FDCK crystal 25g 450USD

2FDCK crystal 10g 275USD

2FDCK crystal 5g 160USD

4F-MPH.hcl 1kg 4050USD

4F-MPH.hcl 500g 2400USD

4F-MPH.hcl 250g 1500USD

4F-MPH.hcl 100g 830USD

4F-MPH.hcl 10g 250USD

4FPP 1kg 4500USD

4FPP 500g 2500USD

4FPP 250g 1500USD

4FPP 100g 800USD

4FPP 10g 200USD

> SARMS Series

MK-2866 1kg 3000USD

MK-2866 500g 1800USD

MK-2866 250g 1100USD

MK-2866 100g 600USD

MK-2866 10g 130USD

LGD-4033 1kg 6500USD

LGD-4033 500g 3500USD

LGD-4033 250g 2000USD

LGD-4033 100g 1000USD

LGD-4033 50g 600USD

LGD-4033 25g 380USD

LGD-4033 10g 190USD

MK-677 1kg 8800USD

MK-677 500g 5500USD

MK-677 250g 3000USD

MK-677 100g 2000USD

MK-677 10g 500USD

RAD140 1kg 13500USD

RAD140 500g 7000USD

RAD140 250g 3800USD

RAD140 100g 1800USD

RAD140 50g 1100USD

RAD140 25g 700USD

RAD140 10g 380USD

> SGT Series

5F-SGT151 1kg 6500USD

5F-SGT151 500g 3500USD

5F-SGT151 250g 2100USD

5F-SGT151 100g 1150USD

5F-SGT151 50g 700USD

5F-SGT151 10g 300USD

SGT263 1kg 5500USD

SGT263 500g 3500USD

SGT263 250g 1900USD

SGT263 100g 1000USD

SGT263 50g 700USD

SGT263 25g 400USD

SGT263 10g 300USD

SGT67 1kg 3500USD

SGT67 500g 2000USD

SGT67 250g 1000USD

SGT67 100g 600USD

SGT67 50g 350USD

SGT67 10g 150USD

SGT78 1kg 3500USD

SGT78 500g 2000USD

SGT78 250g 1000USD

SGT78 100g 600USD

SGT78 50g 350USD

SGT78 10g 150USD

SGT25 1kg 3500USD

SGT25 500g 2000USD

SGT25 250g 1000USD

SGT25 100g 600USD

SGT25 50g 350USD

SGT25 10g 150USD


Pagoclone 1kg need customize

Pagoclone 500g need customize

Pagoclone 250g need customize

Pagoclone 100g need customize

Vardenafil 1kg 1700USD

Vardenafil 500g 900USD

Vardenafil 250g 650USD

Vardenafil 100g 400USD

L-(+)-Prolinol 1kg 6000USD

L-(+)-Prolinol 500g 3000USD

L-(+)-Prolinol 250g 1900USD

L-(+)-Prolinol 100g 900USD

Lornoxicam 1kg 1600USD

Lornoxicam 500g 900USD

Lornoxicam 250g 600USD

Lornoxicam 100g 400USD

Tianeptine sodium salt 1kg 2500USD

Tianeptine sodium salt 500g 1600USD

Tianeptine sodium salt 250g 900USD

Tianeptine sodium salt 100g 400USD

Fasoracetam 1kg 4300USD

Fasoracetam 500g 2500USD

Fasoracetam 250g 1600USD

Fasoracetam 100g 1000USD

Fasoracetam 50g 600USD

Fasoracetam 10g 200USD

Lidocaine 1kg 200USD

Lidocaine 500g 150USD

Lidocaine 250g 120USD

Lidocaine 100g 100USD

sidenafil 1kg 300USD

sidenafil 500g 200USD

sidenafil 250g 150USD

sidenafil 100g 140USD

Contact US

Customer service
If you are interested in a particular product or custom synthesis, please contact us for additional information. We are pleased to provide any details and to answer all your questions regarding custom synthesis 
Our working time:  Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM BJT Buy Research Chemicals,4-cdc,Online-NPP,Eutylone,BMDP,MDPT,bk-bbdp,EUTYLONE,5FMDMB2201,ALD-52


1.Where do you ship from?

All packages are shipped from china

2.Who are we? and are a worldwide leader since 2006 in the distribution of Research Chemicals as well as an international research chemicals manufacturing company. We work along side a highly professional laboratory mainly creating custom synthesis, research, and pharmaceutical chemicals.
At this time, we have warehouses in China from where all products are dispatched. Our highly developed distribution network guarantees that all products you receive will be on time and will be sent to the most convenient locations for picking up. We also provide various shipping services that deliver products to our clients in various markets and in many different locations around the globe.
All products found on this website are sold for the sole purpose of research and education. None of our products is sold for human or animal consumption or for any type of illegal usage.
The terms and conditions for the sale of any products or goods on this website as well as the use of our website, our governed by the Terms and Conditions Agreement. When you use our website to purchase products you agree, acknowledge, and follow the terms and conditions that you have read on our Terms and Condition page as well as all disclaimers and caveats found on our website.

3. How is your product packaged?

The products are packed in special foil bag with labels, There is chemical name or catalog number of the product and quantity on each label, Please pay attention to the name on the label as it is different from chemicals IUPAC name. 

4. Working hours

Our facility is open from 8 А.М. to 7 P.M. (GMT). We thoroughly read all emails and endeavor to respond to each inquiry within 24 working hours of receipt. Our website provides you 24-hour access to your personal web-store and for shopping online at any time including Saturdays and Sundays. When you place an order we endeavor to process the order quickly and efficiently. The order is considered completed once you have received the products. Our Customer Service department ensures delivery of the ordered goods completely and accurately.

5. Where can I ask additional questions not listed here?

We are pleased to answer any questions concerning the quality of the proteins, peptides, RC, shipping of your order, and our company in general. We are unable to answer specific questions with regards to testing or reconstitution of our goods or any questions regarding research.

6. Is it legal?

The products we sell are legal in china but we can’t guarantee they are legal in the other countries we ship to. We try to follow up all of the up-dates, although we can’t guarantee the legality of all the products in your country. We wouldn’t recommend placing any orders unless you are 100% sure about its legal status in the destination country. 
You are more than welcome to provide us with additional sources on regulative matters concerning our products, please write us an email at:


Guaranteed delivery

The best way to save time and money is to deal with a reliable company. and guarantees 100% deliver and backs it with a guaranteed refund or reshipment of products if required or necessary.

We respect our customers and their privacy. Due to this, all of our shipments are packaged properly for the safest method for shipping as well as in discreet containers. We do not place any information on the container that would compromise the contents that the packages contain.

When you submit your order, you will receive an email that confirms your order. The package will be sent out within 24 to 48 business hours after the payment has cleared. At this time, you will receive a tracking number in your email. The deliver time depends on various factors, which include the chosen shipping method, transit, time for clearance at customs, and the origin of the shipment.

We base our delivery times on statistics and provide an estimate on previous experience. Normally, shipment takes 6 to 10 workdays; however, You can easily track your shipment using the tracking number we provided at the time of shipment. Due to this fact, please do not contact us until 15 days have elapsed.

We offer special guaranteed expedited deliveries for any bulk wholesale orders that are 25kg or more. For more information, please contact us for more details. and are known for high quality products and will provide a refund or reship the goods if there are any flaws. Please contact us prior to making lab reports or returning products.

  • USA – Guaranteed delivery for orders below 1kg, 1kg+ orders – one reshipment
  • EU – Guaranteed delivery for 1kg+ orders
  • Africa – Guaranteed delivery policy for all orders
  • Australia/New Zealand – No guaranteed delivery
  • Canada – Guaranteed delivery policy for all orders
  • South America – Guaranteed delivery policy for all orders
  • CIS countries – No guaranteed delivery
  • Russia – No guaranteed delivery

Customers service has more than 13 years experience in providing custom synthesis in our laboratories. We work diligently to make every possible chemical to meet the needs of our customers. What this means is that you can purchase many other products than the ones you found on our website. We will create custom-made products for you. The new product will satisfy your requirements.
In our laboratories, we are able to carry out different types of synthesis which includes multistage synthesis. This allows us to develop more complex solutions for your needs. All you need to do if you need custom synthesis is to provide us with the parameters you require including CAS number, IUPAC name, and quantity of the product. We will then develop the proper synthesis program, complete all necessary research and synthesis the product with the required properties.
We call this world-class service and are happy to provide it to our customers. You also can choosing for custom synthesis you will receive:

100% result100% effectivenessFlexible methods that ensure desired targetReliable partner that meets your expectationsKnowledgeable, skilled and experienced personnelThe best prices on the marketAnalytic documents and record papers for each itemHigh quality products that comply with international standards

About us

Our another website:
Cwresc Fengchi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
We are engaging in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and other fine chemicals. Our company could offer competitive chemicals in domestic and overseas, we also could custom, research and development related products according to client requirement.Over the past years we mainly aim at local market, recently we pay high attention on the overseas market as well, with the most competitive price and top quality, and we enjoyed high reputation in the world market , mainly Middle East, South American, Africa, and South East Asia. We promise to cooperate with our partners by providing fast and high-quality service so as to face the challenges of the 21st Century in which life science develops quickly. We have the confidence to be your helpful assistant and reliable partner in our future work. We aim to win the market via quick response and fast delivery, as well as continous development of high-tech medical compounds, bio-medicine, and new pharmaceutical intermediates.We welcome to accept orders varing from 10 grams to 10 tons as you wish. To make sure of our quality, NMR&HPLC&LCMC analysis report will always be available for you.”Buy Research Chemicals,4CDC,Online-NPP,BMDP,MDPT,Eutylone,2FDCK,4FADB,5FMDMB2201,5FEMB,MPHP2201,FUB-EMB,NDH,5CAKB48,ALD-52 Cwresc Fengchi Biotechnology Co., Ltd

We have tryps, phens, cathins, incense’s additives and some newbies and so much more letters and numbers mixed together in the line up, that there is just not enough space and time to fill in this site.  
Our web shop is up and running:

 – Some of our products are already available from our US. stock for competitive price! -Please contact us through this email in order to share with us your wholesale request:    if you have any question, or issue regarding our web shop:
Products are intended for laboratory research purposes only and are not to be used for any other purposes!                                                                                                                                                                                 Cheers CwResC Team, Be aware!                                                                                                                                 

All request require:1) WHAT IS YOUR COUNTRY? (in order to let you know what’s available to that region)
2) desired product(s) and quantity 
3) a detailed intended use statement in compliance with terms of service. (which we take very seriously)
note: we reserve the right to refuse any request. Suspicion of intended misuse will result permanent banning.

terms of service:
By contacting us and with any request or placing an order you agree to the following:
-you represent and warrant that, you are older than, 18 years and of legal age in your jurisdiction which is required to form a binding contract!
-you will follow all legal, state, and federal regulations regarding proper use and handling of our products!
– you warrant that, our product(s) will not be used for human consumption or redistributed for human consumption, because you are solely responsible for all legal consequences of any misuse! 
-you agree to free seller, associated business, and employees of any liability for loss, legal issues, or expenses arising from purchase or application of our products as a result of violation or terms of service.

Thanks,  CwResC Team: